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About Our Store

Gandhiana is a social movement towards building a society where ecological sustainability and social justice prevail. It is an attempt to link, with modern technological means, the producers and consumers to forge a new production relationship that is equal and lasting.

Gandhiana is an initiative of Tamarind Tree and Nomad with a siginificant inputs from like minded organisations and individuals. We belive that philosophically gandhiana is an evolving process and hope that it would live upto the aspirations and expectations of its users –the people who care.

Gandhiana is not an isolated attempt at building just a virtual community. Tamarind Tree and Nomad for the past several years have been working with real communities on ground in and around Dahanu, a protected tribal district in the Western Indian state of Maharashtra. Both organisation believe that advancing technology must be appropriated for facilitating the community building exercise and cementing people to people ties. We want every consumer to see a human face behind every product that is consumed.


At Gandhiana we are concerned about long term sustainability, equal access and environmental impact of our prodction system. We believe that economic condition of producers and health of consumers are directly linked to the way goods are produced, distributed and consumed.

 This internet based initiative is divided in three primary sections:

    1.  The Community Site:

      Here we hvae used the popular social netowring model to facilitate like minded people to communicate effectively.. say what on thier minds, announce their events, make new friends and help each other.

    2. Community Bazaar:

      Here the community members can buy, sell or barter what they have in access or what they need. The site allows members to post their products-for-sale freely.

    3. Community Shop:

      This is multi-store e-commerce portal is expected to provide a much needed platform for distribution of organic, natural and fair trade products and thereby giving a boost to what may be described as an alternative economy.


      Gandhiana as an idea came into existance almost a decade ago. Then it was just a bookshop providing a vital link between readers and obscured publishers as well as writers. The bookshop specialised in distributing Gandhian literature across the world. After being in circulation for several years the Gandiana team felt the need to out there in a big way, not restricting to books alone but also bringing an alternative lifestyle in its radar. By alternative liestyle we meant socially just and environmentally sustainable way of being.